Mauricio Monsalve, PhDyo-vina
Postdoctoral researcher at CIGIDEN
Campus San Joaquín, UC
Macul, Chile

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I am a computer scientist who does research in the areas of data science and computational science, spanning the topic of complex networks as well. I am interested in the application and development of mathematical, statistical, and computational methods to foster the development of scientific knowledge, usually outside the realm of computer science. I am interested in machine learning, graph theory, pattern discovery, mathematical statistics, time series, mathematical modeling, and optimization, among other methodological topics. My research is or has been applied to the topics of natural disasters, public health, and hospital epidemiology mainly, and also to economic networks and e-government.

I am currently a member of CIGIDEN, where my research objectives are aligned with the assessment and mitigation of risk in the context of natural hazards affecting large-scale social and infrastructure systems. Previously, I was a member of the Computational Epidemiology group at the University of Iowa, where my research fell in the topics of public health and hospital epidemiology.